Nobody Says Anything Along the Way

The importance of giving regular employee feedback

One of the most important things you can do to learn more about giving effective employee recognition is to talk to your employees.

Yep, I know, pretty profound advice, right? But it works.

Your employees want to hear how they are doing on a regular basis and not wait until the end. And they want to receive positive feedback. (more…)

Different recognition strokes for different folks.

Use the full capabilities of your recognition program to allow employees to select how they
want to be recognized with the different recognition and reward options. Become familiar with all that your programs offer. That way you can find out the individual preferences of each employee and know better what might motivate them.

Understanding the Business Case for Recognition

Aligning recognition with the business strategy is a key step

Why should you give recognition to employees at work? Is there really a business benefit from giving recognition?

Many organizations seem challenged whenever I encourage them to integrate recognition into their regular work practices. It seems like what appears to be the right thing to do, or even a nice thing to do, doesn’t happen because they lack knowing the business purpose behind employee recognition. (more…)

What’s Your Budget Spend on Recognition?

Calculating the right amount of money to invest in recognition

Piggybank and calculator

How much should you spend on employee recognition programs?

You would think it was a simple question to get an answer for. But budget questions often get evasive answers especially from those in the recognition profession and by vendors.

Why is that?

The main trouble is the question itself. People see different things when they hear “recognition budget”. (more…)

Recognition Tip #9: Meaningfulness Factor of Recognition

The Meaningfulness factor of recognition refers to the degree to which the recognition given is perceived as being meaningful to the receiver. With spoken or written words you must consider the feelings and self-esteem of the receiver. When giving things to people as tokens of appreciation consider all aspects of a person’s life to make it meaningful.

Fit the value of recognition to the level of performance achieved.

When someone’s gone above and beyond you’d better make sure to give an appropriate value for that action. Consistency is a major problem with managers because they feel recognition is so subjective. But some actions and behaviours are truly of higher value than another. So define the types of behaviours and the corresponding recognition levels and you’ll be fine.

Great Recognition Is All in the Eyes

Becoming aware of how people react to our recognition

Have you ever noticed how people respond to the different kinds of recognition you give to them?

That’s how I came across the observation that great recognition is all in the eyes.

I first noticed this phenomenon on a cross-Atlantic flight seated in first class at the request of a European client I was meeting with.

The flight attendant, who we will call Jane, made the usual courtesies of hanging up my jacket and providing me with a glass of juice before takeoff. (more…)

People Don’t Care How Much You Know…

Celebrating in good times and comforting in difficult ones


People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

That was the message given loud and clear by Nan Barry and Amy Marhoefer from Southwest Airlines in their breakout session on Making a Difference with Recognition Life Events at the 2016 Recognition Professionals International conference held in Las Vegas. (more…)