“I Hope You Know How Much I Appreciate You.”

Never let people assume whether they are valued or not

Rupert Business Storegade

I have actually heard those exact words, “I hope you know how much I appreciate you” spoken directly to me.

After what can seem like an interminable absence of ever hearing any expressed appreciation, a manager will somehow be triggered by something to finally come by your office or place of work, and then preface saying “thanks” with those not so reassuring words of phony appreciation. (more…)

Top 10 Differences Between Rewards and Recognition

Understanding the differences will help you to use each of them better

As an industry, recognition and rewards professionals have created a semantic conundrum for ourselves. We interchange the usage of rewards and recognition as if they were identical twins. Ironically, in order to understand them both and use them better, we must decouple them and tease out their differences and learn the benefits each brings to the table. Learn from this Top 10 list and apply the insights you gain from it. (more…)

“When you give recognition you don’t have to give a reward. But whenever you give a reward you must always give recognition.”

Roy Saunderson

Recognition Does Not Improve Employee Engagement…So There!

Think carefully before accepting the proverbial wisdom of others


Two businessmen shaking hands in blue background - 3D render

I know.

How dare I pronounce such heretic claims!

Many in the recognition industry parlay about what people “said” or what others have “seen” in one survey or another suggesting recognition improves employee engagement. (more…)