Being Nominated for an Oscar Award is a Really B-I-G Deal

Check out the importance of the nominators behind this prestigious award

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It is a surreal, exhilarating and giggly experience for actors, directors, producers and other movie contributors when they are nominated for an Oscar.

Brie Larson who starred in the movie “Room”, told Good Morning America, “The nominations mean so much because it comes from your peers, it comes from fellow actors. I was home-schooled and I never really felt like I was part of any group. To be included with people that I respected so much since I was a kid is just absolutely incredible.”

Recognition Tip #6: Proximity Factor of Recognition

The Proximity factor refers to the closeness or distance of the type of recognition with the giver to the receiver. The closer the proximity the greater the effect or recognition impact. Based on the Proximity factor a verbal, face-to-face thank you will be perceived greater than an e-mail note. Keep in mind the frequency for using the various types of recognition and maintain a high Proximity level.

Top 10 Scientific Principles to Apply to Rewards and Recognition

There is always lots to learn from science as well as the art of recognition giving

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Social science and behavioral economics provide a wealth of insights on motivation, recognition and rewards. Without getting too academic and scientific it is helpful to know some of the theoretical principles that have been discovered so we can use rewards and recognition more effectively. Learn these top 10 scientific principles well and put them into play with your recognition and reward practices and programs. (more…)

Develop a Written Recognition Strategy

First, develop a written recognition strategy to focus your efforts. You’ve got to know why you’re recognizing people and what’s being acknowledged to make recognition meaningful.

I have always said if you understand the “why” for what you are doing, then any “how” becomes easier to understand. Figure out the philosophy and purpose for your recognition programs so you will recognize the right things for the right reasons.

How to Create a Recognition Strategy – Part 4 of 4

Implementing the Recognition Plan for successful impact

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Most improvement or strategic initiatives can be challenging to implement. For a recognition plan to be successful, you will need some or all of the following five factors in place:

  1. Senior leadership support: Senior leadership support as a whole or at least a senior leader sponsor is required to make recognition practices and programs seen as a serious contributor to business success. Such support could consist of representation of the recognition strategy at senior level meetings and liaison with recognition practitioners on requests for using recognition to help address business needs.


How to Give Recognition Without Sounding Fake!

A brief guide to authenticity with expressing recognition to people


WARNING: Giving recognition the wrong way may be dangerous to the wellbeing of those you work with.

Giving recognition the wrong way is very easy to do. Let’s capture some quick examples of giving recognition the wrong way. (more…)

Getting In Line With On-Line Recognition Programs

Consider the benefits of using technology driven recognition programs

If you have tried in-line dancing and been successful, you will know the end result is synchronized poetry in motion. When drawing on outsourced providers for on-line administration and management of recognition programs you synchronize your operational resources with the ability to more consistently recognize your people. The by-product of using external technology driven recognition programs from vendors is immense when you add up the real operational costs and functional staff used to administer recognition in-house. (more…)

Recognition Tip #5. Action leads to further acts which then become habits.

What we do comes from who we are. Our actions are preceded by our beliefs. Do you believe recognition is important? If you do, you are well on your way to action.

3 Ways To Get More People Giving Recognition More Often

How to get recognition happening more frequently throughout the organization

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Almost 20 years ago, I got into the field of employee recognition after seeing too many employees feeling unappreciated and unvalued for their contributions.

Leaders, as well as employees, felt recognition was an expectation only from managers to employees – a top-down approach – whereas today we are more aware that everyone has a responsibility to appreciate one another. Recognition should be multi-directional and not just top-down.

What I saw back then were managers being told to go and give more recognition but no one was showing them how to do it. (more…)