Top 10 Ways to Make Incentives More Effective

Getting your head around using incentives the best way possible is not an easy task. To obtain maximum impact on performance while keeping incentives meaningful to the players involved, requires skill, strategy and systematic trial and error. It is a combination of both behavioral science and pure economics. Consider these Top 10 Ways for making your incentives more effective. (more…)

How To Guarantee Managers Use Recognition Skills

C-suite leaders are passionate about the financial success of the company. That’s why you had better produce measurable results for your training dollars as other department managers vie for the same monies. A lack of return or business impact from training is the biggest reason why training budgets get cut when money is tight. You have to prove you can make a difference to the bottom-line. (more…)

Top 10 Mistakes People Make Giving Rewards and Recognition

Making mistakes in giving people rewards and recognition can be a costly one you don’t want to repeat. These Top 10 Mistakes were generated from corporate leaders and experts responsible for rewards and recognition. If, like these leaders, you can learn from these mistakes, then much will have been achieved in helping to get rewards and recognition right in the workplace. (more…)

Connecting the Dots for People with Recognition

Remember those join-the-dot picture or coloring books your children had? Once they had drawn the lines between all the consecutive numbered dots…voila! A picture appeared before you that had been somewhat hidden from view.

Recognition does exactly the same thing. (more…)