Get Amazing Spillover Effects From Giving Recognition

Giving recognition creates all kinds of wonderful feelings in people and positive performance results too.

However, most of us tend to think recognition provides strictly a one-to-one person return. You acknowledge an individual and believe they are the only one who is impacted.

That’s why many managers and leaders have a hard time knowing what to do around teams and whether they can or cannot recognize individual performance on a team.

Does recognizing a team member positively or negatively affect the other teammates? (more…)

Did Anyone Tell You That Recognition Can Save You Money?

I didn’t think so.

Not too many experts share this kind of information.

In fact, very few leaders, consultants or vendors actually tell you how you can save money from using exceptional recognition practices or well strategized and designed recognition programs. They may not even know how themselves.

But I am going to spill the beans. I will share some powerful information with you. I will tell you how recognition can help you and save you dollars, euros and pounds sterling (other currencies included too!). (more…)

3 Ways To Help People Keep Giving You Recognition

We live in a busy work world. This is especially so if we are remote from our bosses. You can be ploughing along with your daily tasks, helping colleagues with their unique requests of us, and somehow you lose site of the contributions you’ve made.

Each of us wants to make a difference and share in helping our company achieve its purpose and goals.

But are you sometimes getting in the way of others recognizing you?

Hard to believe isn’t it. However, sometimes you and I actually stop people from giving us the very thing many of us want and crave for – recognition! (more…)

Discover each person’s recognition preferences

Find out what each employee likes and dislikes with how they are recognized and what they personally like to receive for recognition. Not everyone is comfortable with either giving or receiving very public recognition. Remember what’s important is to be sincere and considerate of people’s feelings. A caring gesture by honoring their preferences will always be well received.

Recognition Tip #17: The sooner the easier.

The sooner you give a person the recognition they deserve the easier it is to do. When you acknowledge or praise someone right away after you observe their actions or hear a positive report, you won’t even have to worry about forgetting it. Giving recognition immediately is a positive way to be an example to others.

Leaders Are Human Too

You just got promoted.

You are now a manager, a director or even a vice president. Congratulations!

It might be because of your technical expertise. Perhaps it was the special competencies or knowledge you’ve gained along the way, or simply the skills you’ve developed that others do not possess.

Nevertheless, you passed the interviews from a panel of managers and leaders you respect and admire. You were extended the offer to be in a leadership position for the first time. You accepted.

You are now a designated leader. So go lead! (more…)

Recognition Tip #16: The sooner the better

The timeliness with which you give recognition to people is so important. Strive to give recognition to people as soon as possible after you observed or heard about the employee’s positive action. In fact, the sooner you give the recognition the shinier the star!

How To Better Appreciate Employee Contributions

Studying how different organizations measure employee engagement often helps better understand other things – like the challenges managers and employees face with giving meaningful employee recognition.

Take for example Quantum Workplace and their employee engagement survey. One of the survey questions states, “If I contribute to the organization’s success, I know I will be recognized.” Respondents use a Likert scale to provide their perceptual rating.

This statement stimulated some thoughts for me. I am not convinced we make contributions in time, effort, talents and abilities in order to be recognized. I believe we do so with a desire to make a difference in the world and to achieve a personal, inner purpose.

However, to never be acknowledged at all for your contributions would certainly influence you to look elsewhere for employment where you hope to be better appreciated. (more…)

See Something, Say Something.


If you fly throughout the United Sates much then you get accustomed to waiting around airports and hearing the overhead announcements being made.

I am getting ready to fly to some of my family who live in the States and that’s what triggered this post.

I remember when I was at the Seattle, Washington airport on my business travels and heard the usual Transportation Security Administration (TSA) security announcements. You know the ones I’m referring to. (more…)

Recognition Tip #15 – Smile!!

When you give people compliments or praise with a warm and genuine smile they will actually “see” your words as well as hear them.