Recognition Tip #21: Remember to smile back at people

That’s right smile! Nothing will get you out of the negative attitude of diminishing positive feedback you receive than saying thanks and smiling at the same time.

What You Get Is Important; How You Get It Sends A Message

Many of us think our job has ended after spending considerable time, money and effort into selecting the right gift for someone who deserves to be recognized. Yet the perfect gift can be reduced to dust if it is not given the right way. Yes, the presentation of the gift can mean more than the gift itself, or at the very least, be a positive memory to associate with the gift. (more…)

Recognition & Rewards: Do They Really Produce Big Results?

Most leaders question the value and impact of recognition and rewards in producing desired performance results. This skeptical view of recognition often arises from poorly designed use of recognition and rewards.

Also, semantic barriers can devalue the effects of recognition and rewards. So, let’s first define recognition and rewards. (more…)

Recognition Tip #20: Receive recognition the right way.

Learn to just say “thank you”. The most typical response to a statement of praise or recognition is something like, “Oh, it was nothing.” Don’t destroy a person’s praise of you by negating it. Get used to receiving recognition well by saying a positive response of “Thank you”… and then zip the lips!

Show people that you care.

Caring can mean having the most meaningful people present when you give people recognition. You don’t need to organize
 a formal banquet to create a memorable recognition experience. A few of the recipient’s immediate friends and fellow coworkers who they work closely with can help heighten the total recognition experience.

How Frequently Should You Give Recognition?

One of the amazing findings coming out of surveying employees about recognition is the fact that so few people feel sufficiently recognized.

You are probably aware of Gallup’s “Q12 Employee Engagement” survey. They have a recognition question which asks, “In the last 7 days I have received recognition or praise for doing good work.” It seems reasonable that a person should be acknowledged at least weekly. All people want is to be recognized or praised for their progress, some positive action, or recognized for contributions made. (more…)

Recognition Tip #19: Get out and play catch today

We are often told to catch people doing things right. To catch someone doing something right you are going to have to take time out and go on the floor and “play catch”.

Did You Just Transact or Relate With Someone?

One of the interesting differences between rewards and recognition is the fact that rewards are always transactional in nature whereas recognition is strictly a relational experience.

Negotiating Away With Rewards

Whenever you use rewards you will clearly see that each time you do you are creating a negotiated agreement between yourself and the intended recipient. This is never the case with giving recognition to someone. (more…)