Make Recognition Authentic

You make recognition giving authentic by being true to yourself in recognizing people. It is all about making genuine eye contact, being very specific with what the person accomplished, and telling them how what they did made a difference to others. Create a connection with the person you are recognizing and don’t let external factors distract from the recognition experience.

5 Ways To Create Your Recognition Development Cycle®

Recognition Development Cycle

Figure 1: Recognition Development Cycle

Ever been mesmerized watching the rinse cycle on your washing machine? Okay, so it has been a long time for me when I was in a laundromat in Belgium. You already know the rinse cycle is that quick automatic cycle that rinses your clothes with clean water and then spins them as dry as possible.

I feel there is an important cycle you have to repeatedly spin your recognition through to make it as strategic as possible with your business. Once you have a Recognition Development Cycle created it will automatically drives recognition and helps you with achieving your business goals. (more…)

Recognition Tip #19: Redirect second-hand compliments

When a person shares a positive story about an employee tell them to pass it on to them directly. You might hear a manager share in a meeting about great work done by an employee not on their team. Periodically tell the individual praising an employee who is not there to make the time and to go in person and tell him or her face-to face the positive contribution they have made.

“If I Only Had a Brain”

As Dorothy replied to Scarecrow in the classic “Wizard of Oz” movie, With the thoughts you’d be thinkin’, You could be another Lincoln, If you only had a brain.”

Many of us feel like we are on the yellow brick road wanting to get a brain from the Wizard. We may get locked into thinking “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. Well, it seems that old adage is not as scientifically true as we might believe it to be. (more…)

The Uniqueness of Rewards and Recognition

There is a love- hate relationship between rewards and recognition. And it’s probably a reason they are not well understood.

Too many people from the scientific arena to compensation and benefits folks use either term interchangeably, often leading people to wrongly use these powerful motivational methods. (more…)

Prepare yourself to give recognition

Take time to do some advance preparation in thinking out or writing down some notes to specifically thank and appreciate an individual. Impromptu public speaking comes naturally to very few and that’s okay. A few well thought out sentiments, prepared ahead of time, will take the pressure off of you as the presenter and make the person and their actions being recognized the focal point of the moment.

Recognition Tip # 18: Share second-hand compliments

If you hear a compliment about someone at work, whether one of your own staff or not, pass it along to the person being acknowledged. Often the employee will never even hear about it unless you share it with them. Second-hand compliments are good for your health too.