7 Simple Hacks to a Great Communications Plan

I am going to give you access to some great communication planning strategies to drive, motivate and sustain all of your recognition initiatives.

I have seen over 70 nomination submissions from leading companies from around the world vying for the best overall recognition program awards conducted for Recognition Professionals International (RPI). (more…)

How To Make an Amazing Leader

Can we really produce leaders the way we’ve always done before?

Perhaps therein lies the answer to our emerging shortage of talent and the void of succession planning especially as many senior leaders begin to depart the workforce. We can’t keep doing the same leadership development if we want real leaders for tomorrow. (more…)

Recognition Tip #26: Monitor when you’re recognizing people.

I heard Dr. Terry Paulsen recommend putting five pennies or some kind of tangible tokens in your right hand pocket (if you’re a leftie just switch). Your goal is to strive each day to give five compliments or acknowledgements to different people. Each time you do, remove a penny or token and place in your left hand pocket. Now you can tally at the end of the day to see how you did.

Recognizing Loyalty Is Such a Simple Thing

The day started out so much better than two days ago when I attempted to fly with another (not-to-be-named) airline. There were unpredictable mechanical problems that day. And I must confess, the pilot and flight attendant appropriately handled apologies, even though we had to deplane to exit and rebook our flights.

But the handoff after leaving the plane was lousy.

On that unforgettable occasion, it resulted in a 16-hour long day of being in airports and planes. My experience was the gate attendants and ticketing staff all dropped the ball multiple times.

I did not feel like a valued customer. It was easy not to feel loyal to that airline that day. And naturally, I told my sob story as often as I could find a listening ear. (more…)

Recognition Tip #25: It’s OK to remind yourself.

Make cues for yourself to give people recognition. Some folks have put quotes and tangible items on display as reminders to give people recognition. PostIt® Notes are a great tool. Others use their smartphones or online reminders and calendars. Life and work consumes us but put people first. Reminders help trigger recognition giving.

When to Eliminate Overkill With Saying Thank You

There are times when we probably do overkill on saying thank you a little too much.

Take, for example, Brian Crane’s daily Pickles comic strip which depicts a retired couple in their seventies. Earl and Opal Pickles, the main characters in the cartoon, reveal a social phenomena I’ve observed in the workplace as well as at home regarding receiving Thank You’s. (more…)

Start Giving Authentic Recognition From Day One

Expect new employees to be giving recognition to peers and others right from the get go with your onboarding and orientation sessions.

Most orientation and onboarding programs are manager initiated or online portal delivered sets of steps, policies and procedures, and general ground rules to function on the job. (more…)