Helping Your Learners Get Motivated to Learn

It’s true – people aren’t always motivated to learn.

Our challenge each day is to make learning and our instructional materials and content as meaningful as possible for many people in the workplace. Yes, a tall order, but one which has very rewarding benefits when we are successful. (more…)

Beware of The Dark Side of Rewards

We were all shocked to hear how thousands of Wells Fargo employees opened up millions of fake accounts.

Were rewards a factor in the rampant unethical practices of these employees?

Rewards have their place but they must be used with great care.

Let’s take a look at what happened at Wells Fargo and see what we can learn from this case. (more…)

Discover each person’s recognition preferences.

Find out specifically how each person wants to be recognized. Discover what they like to receive for recognition. Learn their likes and dislikes and keep a record for future recognition moments. Not everyone is comfortable with giving or receiving public recognition so make sure you ask about that. Remember, what’s important here, is to respect and be considerate of people’s feelings. When you do this the right way you will create memorable, meaningful and motivational recognition experiences.

How to Make Career Milestones an Experience to Remember

Celebrating an employee’s career milestone is a big deal to them and should be to you. But many organizations struggle with how to acknowledge people’s length of service with the company.

I am going to show you how to honor your employees or colleagues for their career milestone the right way.

Follow these 4 P’s and you’ll turn any award presentation into a memorable celebration.


3 Ways to Know How Recognized Your Employees Feel

Many leaders are unaware of how valued or recognized their employees are feeling right now. It’s not always a pretty picture.

The Gallup group suggest only a third of employees they survey through all their client companies actually receive recognition or praise for doing good work on the job in any given week.

I am going to share 3 simple ways you can use to find out how well recognized your employees feel, today!

But first… (more…)

Join us for a workshop presentation at the WorldatWork, Total Rewards Conference in Toronto for this great case study from Ryerson University.


Christina Sass-Kortsak AVP, HR, Ryerson University

Roy Saunderson, Rideau’s Recognition Management Institute

Nathaniel Hart, Rideau Recognition Solutions

Emily Pomeroy, Ryerson University

Date: September 15, 2016
Time: 12:30-01:45pm
Event: Building a Values-Based Recognition Program: A Ryerson Case Study
Sponsor: World At Work

How To Make Learning Stick Across the Generations

Educating employees from across the different generations in the workplace is no easy task.

Most adult learning methodology today focuses on learner-centered instruction versus the traditional instructor-centered style of the past.

You know the benefits of experiential learning methods and ways to generate reflective insights. This helps generalize principles and practices to job situations where learners can apply acquired skills, knowledge, and perspectives back in the workplace. (more…)

Recognition Tip #27: Find inspirational recognition quotes.

Find great motivational quotes of timeless words of wisdom and write or type them up. Strategically place them where you will always see and read them. Let these quotes spur you on and act as a reminder to do better at giving deserved recognition.

What It Really Takes to Motivate a CEO

It keeps coming up. How do you motivate and recognize the CEO or senior leaders?

Today I was asked two questions about recognizing senior leaders and executives. Should you use money? And if not, what do you recommend?

The quick answer is “no” to using money as a recognition method. Monetary recognition is a misnomer. Money is strictly a reward and falls under compensation. Enough said. (more…)

How To Regularly Revitalize Your Recognition Programs

“Doctor, I’m concerned our recognition program is not going to make it much longer.”

“I know nurse. It’s sad to see a good program go like this.”

“Doctor! The program’s pulse has gone flat.”

“Quick! Get the defibrillator. It’s our only hope!!”

 “Charging…five hundred…clear.”

 Zapp!! (more…)