How To Grow Healthy Decentralized Recognition Programs

Recently I was asked, how do you create an effective rewards [and recognition] program in a decentralized organization?

I am going to share my thoughts on what it takes to grow healthy decentralized recognition programs.

Think of your recognition platform as a magnificent oak tree that will likely grow eighty feet tall and spread out over eighty feet as well. Your recognition platform should cover your entire organization. (more…)

Squeeze In Some Recognition Time, Right Now!

I keep hearing people have no time for recognition.

Time is the number one reason given by managers around the world for not recognizing the people they work with.

Yet, when I use a timer to time people on how long it takes to praise or acknowledge someone, it takes very little time to give recognition.

So…lets squeeze in some recognition time, right now!

Are you ready? (more…)

Recognition Tip #28: Express your gratitude at the end of each day.

Take 15 minutes and write out and send a Thank You card or two to employees at the end of each day. Leave a voice mail message expressing appreciation to someone you missed talking to directly. This simple act of gratitude and giving recognition has to be a part of every single day.


What Is Your “WHY?” For Giving People Recognition?

If you don’t know why you are giving recognition to people then why give it at all.

You had better define what your why is for recognizing people before you attempt to praise someone. And it had better be a good enough reason to get you excited about it.

People will quickly see through you and hear well enough whether you are being authentic or not. Don’t even think about faking recognition. (more…)