How To Overcome Your Fear of Giving Recognition

If you’ve rarely received positive feedback or expressions of affection from your family growing up, then you may have a hard time giving recognition in the workplace.

Or perhaps you were not the most stellar athlete at school and did not have top academic marks warranting any special awards.

When you haven’t received much recognition as a child, youth or young adult, you can easily lack confidence in acknowledging and praising those you work with.

That’s when giving people recognition ends up as another item on the “To Do” list that never gets done.

You can almost fear giving people recognition.

Today I will give you some pointers on how you can gain confidence to overcome your fears. I will show you how to give meaningful praise and recognition. (more…)

How To Make Social Recognition Work For You

Whenever you see something great happening on the job, besides thanking them directly face-to-face, you can also use a social recognition program to instantly acknowledge your staff online.

Social recognition programs are simply another tool in your toolbox to better practice giving recognition to your peers and employees. And they help spread the good news of all worthwhile actions happening to others in the workplace because everyone can use it.

But the success of social recognition programs has been shown to require three things: (1) executive expectations, (2) careful communication, and (3) unique understanding of the value of social recognition. (more…)

Reward people commensurate with the achievement reached.

When a person makes a significant achievement make sure you give them the most appropriate level of gift that fits the level of the performance reached. For a small achievement instant recognition is often very affordable which enables you to recognize people more often. For a much larger achievement select an award that is most symbolic and meaningful of the behavior you are recognizing an individual for. Or acquire a gift or reward that has a much higher value than a small gift of appreciation.

How to Stop Being A Hard-Nosed Leader

There are still some of them out there. I truly hope you’re not one of them…but hard-nosed leaders are not good for business anymore.

Hard-nosed leaders are the type of people who order and bully employees around which depletes staff of any positive energy they first had when they arrived at work.

Hard-nosed leaders are also prone to not giving any recognition to people.

If you want genuine and well received recognition to work with your employees, it is going to require shaking off old school management styles and plain stopping those individuals who are the hard-nosed leaders. (more…)

Recognition Tip #31: Bring in some sweet treats.

Donuts always win out but keep in mind those with health needs and bring in an alternative. Sweeten things up for special occasions, project completions, or just because.

Here’s How To Create Really Meaningful Celebrations

Have you ever received an award or some tangible recognition and felt it was a totally rushed experience? Or maybe you felt the recognition was not even representative of what you accomplished?

When these things happen it doesn’t make you feel very recognized because you were not celebrated in a meaningful way.

In this post I will show you how to ensure the awards and other recognition you give to employees are meaningful and celebratory for each recipient. (more…)

Rewards and Recognition Should Be Like PB&J

It finally came to me over lunch one day.

Rewards and recognition are just like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich – honest.

I think of rewards as being the peanut butter and recognition is like the jelly.

Peanut butter is made from ground roasted nuts, salt and oil and is used as a spread. Jelly is simply a gelatin product made from fruit juice boiled down with sugar and is a sweet spread.

How do I count the ways that rewards and recognition are like PB&J? (more…)