How to Make Recognition Appeal to Different Employee Groups

It can be challenging to provide recognition that is meaningful across different employee groups and still be perceived as equitable and fair.

I will show you some strategic and structural ways in which you can plan to make recognition appeal to all employee groups.

Remember there is no perfect recognition system for all organizations. Recognition can never be a cookie cutter approach. But there is a recipe for having greater recognition success when dealing with different employee types and levels.

Use the following ingredients and directions for making recognition appeal to everyone. (more…)

Two Amazing Ways To Recognize High Performers

Okay. Let’s be real candid here.

Most of your recognition programs will not cut it with your high performers, your senior leaders, your top sales people or other high-ranking professionals.

Giving points, sending nominations, or even giving them a $25 to $100 gift award won’t do it, thank you!

Never pretend your traditional recognition and reward programs appreciated by the 80% majority of your employees are going to appeal to a private banker, the top pharmaceutical salesperson, or the executive vice president of finance.

There are some ways to recognize them though. And I am going to share two amazing ways with you on how to recognize these high performers. (more…)

How To Win a Leader’s Commitment and Buy-In for Recognition

We keep hearing recognition managers and practitioners expressing frustration with being able to get executive “buy-in” for employee recognition initiatives.

This hits home when people are seeking budget approvals before proceeding with a new or evolving program.

Before you can ever get senior leader buy-in and financing for a program you must first gain their personal commitment. Commitment is personal, emotional and long term.

 Buy-in is simply transactional, monetary and short-term.

Your job is to get senior level support for making employee recognition an effective organizational strategy…plain and simple.

Follow these 5 simple strategies to get senior leaders support for employee recognition. (more…)

Be consistent with your recognition.

People will always be watching
 you! Do you recognize people at all? How do you show your appreciation for people and their contributions? The key is making recognition giving a consistent practice. This will become easier as
 you start to make recognition a part of your everyday work experience. You’ll start to be subconsciously aware of people and their positive actions. You will be on the lookout for recognition opportunities. Take advantages of these occurrences when they present themselves and start creating patterns of consistent recognition giving.

4 Ways To Be Crystal Clear About The Recognition You Give

Be careful when expressing recognition not to be too brief.

Statements like “Well done!”, “Great job!”, or “Excellent!”, when left in isolation, may not be enough to create the intended message or feeling of appreciation for a person.

The irony is, while we may think we were perfectly clear by giving such succinct words of praise to a person, recipients may think they can see right through them.

They already know what they did was well done and a great job. That’s exactly what they do every day when they come to work. It’s part of the employer-employee agreement they signed up for when hired – do good work and you’ll get paid the agreed upon wage or salary. They are good people who are honest and care about what they do.

Sometimes we sacrifice clarity in the recognition experience we give to people by being short and sweet.

My recommendation is to look through the glass of recognition carefully and make it much clearer. (more…)