Who is Roy Saunderson? Why should I care?

Hi, I’m Roy Saunderson. I am the founder of Rideau’s Recognition Management Institute where I am the Chief Learning Officer. I am constantly learning all I can about employee recognition in order to help you, my readers, and my clients who I serve.

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As an expert in employee recognition, author and speaker, I have had the opportunity to travel the globe in helping organizational leaders and managers with how to get recognition right. I have seen lots and I can help you apply those insights into your workplace.

I have developed tools and strategies like the Recognition Strategy Model® for facilitating a leader driven recognition strategy, complete with philosophy, purpose and a plan for aligning recognition with your organizational business goals. Creating a recognition strategy will help you gain senior leader commitment and answer the “why” for everyone to get on board.

I co-authored the Recognition Skills Assessment® (RSA), an assessment tool developed to determine behavioral strengths of managers in giving effective recognition to employees. This is a simple way to gauge managers’ abilities and I will show you how you can help them to improve.

And I am the subject matter expert behind the Vistance Learning® management eLearning modules for learning recognition behavioral skills prescribed after taking the RSA. These short, bite-size learning modules help managers learn how to give recognition the right way.

I have consulted and delivered keynote and workshop presentations on employee recognition to organizations in North America, Europe, India and the Middle East. While there may be differences with how recognition is given globally the need for authentic recognition is certainly universal.

My consultation and facilitation services are mostly focused on providing assessment, strategy development and improvement strategies for current recognition and reward practices and programs

I am also the author of GIVING the Real Recognition Way, 101 Ways to Give EVERYDAY Real Recognition and I am a regular columnist in Incentive Magazine and Training Magazine and popular blog writer. You’ll get the benefit of my thought leadership and writing on this important topic.

How Authentic Recognition Blog will help you

I have had a company blog post for many years. But it hasn’t had the visibility and reach I would like to truly help as many people in the world with getting recognition right. Now is the time for me to be fully intentional about sharing what I know and having you share with me all you know about this important subject so we can help each other.

My purpose with this blog is to help you give authentic recognition the right way wherever you are.

To do that I am going to write about the latest and best with recognition practices and recognition programs, and mostly about recognition at work. But I also don’t want to neglect talking about recognition in some of the most important places in our lives – namely, our homes and in our communities.

I plan to write a post two times a week to get the ball rolling. To make sure you receive all of my posts, you can subscribe to receive them here via email. This is an easy and quick way to ensure you don’t miss anything, and if it is too much, you can simply unsubscribe at any time.

Getting to Know Me a Little Better – My Bio

I grew up in Surrey, England and left school when I was sixteen years old to start working in a bank.

My family immigrated to Canada when I was seventeen and I worked at a bank in Toronto and in a purchasing department of a major oil company.

Taking advantage of getting an education I went on to become a Speech-Language Pathologist specializing in adult brain injury. As a clinician I saw the impact giving clients the right worded feedback had in elevating their performance. If it could work there, it could work anywhere.

I founded the Recognition Management Institute as a speaking and training company. Eventually, I began providing consulting services, education and thought leadership services, all focused on helping leaders and their companies with getting recognition right.

I have written two books, How To Focus on Success! and Giving the Real Recognition Way, as well as numerous articles for Incentive Magazine and Training Magazine, a variety of guest blog posts and have been interviewed for articles in the media such as: Wall Street Journal, Globe and Mail, National Post, New York Post, Christian Science Monitor and several trade magazines.

My Most Important Recognition Source – My Family

The best recognition for me is definitely being a happy family man.

I have been married to my wife, Irene, for over 36 years. We have five wonderful children (three daughters and two sons), two great sons-in-law and two lovely daughters-in-law, and 12 delightful grandchildren.

My home is in the most southern town of Canada in Ontario, where I get to think, write and create ideas to help people with employee recognition.

How You Can Reach Me Whenever You Need To

 You can reach me via email at RoySaunderson@Rideau.com or follow me on Twitter or I invite you pick up the phone and give me a call at 877-789-0449 extension 203.