Ask Roy

You can ask me any recognition question you’d like!

Welcome to the AskRoy Podcast on Authentic Recognition. This Podcast will be coming soon to the Authentic Recognition blog.

This will be a weekly podcast that answers all of your personal questions about giving people authentic recognition the right way wherever you are.

The Purpose for AskRoy

I get asked all kinds of questions about recognition best practices, the right theories to apply, and how to get recognition and reward programs flourishing. These have been one-off questions received by email or phone calls, and freely answered by me to help the questioner get recognition right.

Now I am going to save myself some time while striving to help more people all at one time.

Each of the shows will simply answer one of your burning recognition questions. I will keep all show responses short and sweet, probably around 5 to 8 minutes. Easy to digest and listen to when you have a just a few minutes.

That way, you can all help me create a library of answers to the pressing questions each of you has. How’s that?

While you are waiting for the Ask Roy Podcast to get up and running, feel free to email me your recognition questions to