Connecting the Dots for People with Recognition

Remember those join-the-dot picture or coloring books your children had? Once they had drawn the lines between all the consecutive numbered dots…voila! A picture appeared before you that had been somewhat hidden from view.

Recognition does exactly the same thing.

When you acknowledge people the right way you help connect the dots for them. That’s why it is critical to not just say, “well done” or “good job!” Tell them specifically what behavior or action you noticed that you want to commend them for.

It is almost more important to also tell them how and why what they did actually made a difference to someone. This is the second part of the Two-Part Specificity Rule in action – it is the “why” their actions were meaningful and memorable.

Joining the dots for people is the real impact maker.

Whether an employee’s actions helped you get performance numbers in on time for your report to look good for a meeting presentation; or a hotel registration clerk sent up some water and cookies to your room because they heard you had a headache; or perhaps an employee got a shipment out that night for a customer’s special order request – TELL your employees how their positive actions benefited you, a customer, and/or the company.

Connect the dots!

Recognition also allows us to connect better with our people.

By giving sincere, positive and timely feedback to people and by using the Two-Part Specificity Rule – the feedback and praise you give will come across as being genuine, authentic and thereby REAL!

And because of this it will be “felt”

Giving meaningful recognition allows you to connect with people because it is all about relationships. Check out the positive friendships you have with those at work, your neighbourhood, and other networks. How did you form those connections?

Simply, you were consistent in your greetings and giving of time to that person and they reciprocated in kind. Your consistency in actions led to credibility that you could be counted on as a friend to do anything they might need. And this credibility led to a higher balance of trust. Relationships are built upon this trust.

So there you have it. Recognition not only helps you see the big picture of what your company’s really doing – the connecting the dots part – it also helps you reinforce wonderful relationships – the connecting people.

Question: How have you made giving recognition a connector of the dots for people?

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