Getting In Line With On-Line Recognition Programs

If you have tried in-line dancing and been successful, you will know the end result is synchronized poetry in motion. When drawing on outsourced providers for on-line administration and management of recognition programs you synchronize your operational resources with the ability to more consistently recognize your people. The by-product of using external technology driven recognition programs from vendors is immense when you add up the real operational costs and functional staff used to administer recognition in-house.

Benefits of Cost Savings

Look at the costs associated with staffing alone. A well functioning service awards program is going to require a good personnel database. This draws on HR and IT people to develop or procure software to access and notify each employee’s correct years of service associated with full- and part-time hours of employment. Ongoing maintenance and updates along with any technology issues will always be required.

Vendor driven on-line recognition programs reduce these costs significantly by providing ready-made technology integrated with your internal HR database with a complete electronic notification system freeing up your staff from doing this.

Additional Resource Team

Creation of a recognition program with awards and gift options for the increments of years of service requires a good marketing team and communications staff. The goal is designing a branded program often with a heritage image associated specifically to your organization’s purpose and culture, and meaningful to employees. Again IT is necessary to set up electronic notification to both employees and managers of upcoming anniversaries and allow for timely gift selection and preparation for the presentation of the award all integrated with the company website.

Just like Rideau, most vendors have a full design team with graphics, marketing and communications people who can assist in creating the right branded image and program name that fits your organization. They save you grief by informing you of what works and why, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Finally, they can share a wealth of examples from other clients they’ve served to help you benchmark against same size or same industry companies with similar makeup of staffing types. This is a lifesaver of information, which is hard to replicate without time and effort spent by your own people.

Procurement services always have several staff involved with making sure gift items selected by employees are purchased to meet deadlines from the previously contracted suppliers. In addition, the required formal award or certificate must be ordered and prepared correctly and expedited to arrive on time for any formal presentation.

External on-line recognition services allow you to easily access on-line inventory of items available as well as examine or print off immediate reports on shipping status.

Customer Support Available

Problem? You won’t have to pull your hair out. There is an easy on-line access or toll-free number for customer support to help you through any difficulty. It is not often when you have a problem that you can legitimately pass it off to someone else. This pays off whenever an item shipped is broken in transit, or for whatever reason needs to be returned. You’ll have no hassle guarantees and warrantees the provider takes care of, and not you. A quick and simple notice or call arranges for immediate correction and satisfaction. This makes you look good and your employees grateful.

Business Strategy Tool

When you use recognition to reinforce achieving specific performance objectives and behaviors, the on-line processes that external providers deliver show an even greater benefit for aligning recognition to help you achieve your business strategies and goals.

First, you have instant or on-the-spot awards that can be given by all levels of employees to one another within the company for performance or behaviors consistent with stated expectations or targets. Secondly, you can obtain quantifiable information instantly at your fingertips. You can evaluate individual performance over time, usage of the on-line programs by managers and employees for giving and receiving recognition, and an ability to link improved business results with the use of your recognition programs.

You will even save on additional HR or training costs. The majority of on-line providers have a ready resource of effective tips and ideas along with options for web-based training or e-learning by email or linked seamlessly behind your company website to show immediate supervisors and managers how to give the award, recognition or gift in a meaningful and personal manner.

Add up the annual costs for salary and benefits of all staff involved in your in-house recognition programs and it’s a bundle. By outsourcing and automating your recognition programs you will save money and make more time for face-to-face recognition as well.

Q: How have you benefited most from having vendor provided recognition programs?

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