How To Stay Focused on Recognition

Do you find it hard to stay focused on managing recognition programs, encouraging others to be phenomenal recognizers of others, oh, and be a great recognition giver yourself? You are not alone.

Today’s your lucky day as I am going to share with you different strategies and ideas for how to stay focused on recognition. 

Check out these ideas in the list below and commit to trying out just one of them this week or next.

1. Focus on being more recognition mindful. Be mindful of recognition by paying attention in every moment to the amazing things people around you do that merit recognition. A timely response, a helpful solution, a kind gesture, making a difference.

2. Focus on one recognition goal at a time. No one can do everything so focus on achieving one recognition goal at a time. Whether programmatic or supportive, enlisting the help of others is easier when finding one thing to do better at than anything else.

3. Focus on calendaring your recognition activities. Clear the calendar and slot in your recognition activities that you need to work on. Program analysis, communication planning, learning content, etc. – put it on your calendar to get done, not on a to-do list. 

4. Focus on a specific recognition task. Try out using two-week sprints to make things really happen. Break down quarterly goals into monthly activities and then two specific tasks to achieve over each two-week sprint. You’ll be surprised at what you can do.

5. Focus on leading indicators of recognition. We rely on lagging indicators such as usage reports to make changes. Think about what proceeds every recognition activity. Now target these specific behaviors and increase personal connections for recognition.

6. Focus on your recognition strategy. Your recognition strategy outlines your recognition purpose and beliefs. It’s also your plan for how to improve recognition practices and programs. Review your strategy monthly and report on progress quarterly.

7. Focus on using recognition to support. Work with your senior leaders and review the business and people strategies to see how recognition can help. Revise and plan how to leverage recognition to drive various organizational initiatives. 

8. Focus on practicing recognition daily. There is no better way to stay focused on recognition than by studying recognition principles and improving your recognition practices. Then look for ways to give better and more frequent recognition daily. 

9. Focus on using your recognition programs. Make your recognition programs your go-to first thing every day to see comments in the recognition news feed. Check out who has a birthday or a career milestone. Actively comment on posts and like what you see.

10. Focus on encouraging one person at a time. Eat, breathe, and talk about recognition everywhere you go and in all meetings you attend. Teach one principle or practice that someone else shared with you or that research confirms with one person each day. 

As you try out these focused actions in your management and daily giving of recognition, you will gain great energy and enthusiasm for championing the cause of recognition in your organization.

Recognition Reflection: What do you do to stay focused daily on making recognition a way of life where you work?

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