Read These Top 10 Blog Posts of The Decade

As we prepare to enter a whole new decade and move into a future still to be determined I cannot help reflecting on the most popular posts from the past decade. They shed some light on where readers minds are and what they need to learn to make recognition better.

I hope you will benefit from reading these previously shared posts in order to ride into 2021 with confidence and clarity of thought about your recognition strategy.

Why Recognizing Employees For Going Above and Beyond Is a Good Thing

This post gets right down to the fundamentals, and answers those with skeptical views on why recognition is the right thing to do, and especially for those who exceed expectations. Never ignore positive behaviors.

How To Set Up A Points-Based Reward Program

These programs can appear to be an easy solution for giving rewards for performance. But if you don’t set the programs up properly you can shoot yourself in the foot. Read carefully and apply to your programs well.

How To Celebrate Your Amazing Employees During the COVID-19 Crisis

No surprises with all everyone has gone through this past year with the coronavirus. Celebrating employees amidst the crisis came in third place and will always be a number one issue as long as the virus prevails.

Learn to Receive Thanks and Recognition the Right Way

It can be hard knowing how to give recognition the right way. It’s also a problem if you don’t know how to receive it well, too. Many people tend to downplay recognition given to them. It becomes a negative. This post provides helpful tips to overcome this challenge.

How To Ask Employees About Their Recognition Preferences

There are people managers who just need some tips and tricks for overcoming the hurdle on how to learn recognition preferences of their employees. Learn how to do this once and you’ll be all set for all future employee discussions.

Make Your Onboarding Recognition More Meaningful

This one surprised me until I realized that this is a growing opportunity to welcome and appreciate people just for they are. No need to have made any major contribution yet. This recognition is about connecting and creating a sense of belonging.

Right Words of Recognition for Years of Service

Length of service award programs have been around so long that people take them for granted. Unfortunately, using the right vocabulary with how you present awards is not carefully prepared for because of their regular occurrence. Here are some suggestions for you to follow.

What Would You Like To Be Recognized For?

Seriously, what you like to be recognized for? Recognition is not a cookie cutter approach to human capital management. Know the different criteria that people have for what merits recognition is an interesting exercise to undertake.

What Makes Giving Feedback So Difficult for Leaders?

Could not believe how two magazines arrived at the same time with both identifying the difficulty leaders have with giving feedback. Check out my views on this topic and what you need to do to change things up where you work.

What Makes Recognition Different From Appreciation?

It’s an honest question that was asked by a researcher for an organization. Is there a difference? What impact do each make? Here’s my answer to the question asked and a perspective I hope will help explain the characteristics of each.

When you get a quiet moment, pick and choose one or two of the previous blog posts to read and review. What can you apply to your new decade of recognition giving?

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