Give people the big picture they need.

Sometimes you can’t see how your efforts are making a difference. This is the same for your employees too. Tell employees how their actions impact organizational objectives and customer satisfaction. It is 
 equally important to recognize the small actions that make an impact. Often we are looking for the “huge” achievement to recognize people for. But the reality is that great achievements are often the result of a compilation of consistent, small, positive behaviours. Make the connection for people when giving your recognition.

Instant recognition really does mean right away.

Don’t delay in acknowledging someone for their positive contributions. Waiting for the perfect moment to make a recognition presentation may actually cause you to miss out on the real opportunity of creating your own perfect recognition moment. 
Don’t miss out on making someone feel valued or acknowledging his or her achievements.

Be consistent with your recognition.

People will always be watching
 you! Do you recognize people at all? How do you show your appreciation for people and their contributions? The key is making recognition giving a consistent practice. This will become easier as
 you start to make recognition a part of your everyday work experience. You’ll start to be subconsciously aware of people and their positive actions. You will be on the lookout for recognition opportunities. Take advantages of these occurrences when they present themselves and start creating patterns of consistent recognition giving.

Reward people commensurate with the achievement reached.

When a person makes a significant achievement make sure you give them the most appropriate level of gift that fits the level of the performance reached. For a small achievement instant recognition is often very affordable which enables you to recognize people more often. For a much larger achievement select an award that is most symbolic and meaningful of the behavior you are recognizing an individual for. Or acquire a gift or reward that has a much higher value than a small gift of appreciation.

Really show you care with your recognition.

Have the most meaningful people present when you give a person any form of recognition. Of course, you don’t need to organize 
a formal banquet to create a memorable recognition occasion. Why not plan to have a few of the recipient’s closest friends there. Find out which fellow co-workers should be invited as well to help heighten the recognition experience. Take the extra time to make recognition special.

Make your recognition authentic.

You can be authentic by making genuine eye contact when communicating. Learn to be very specific when recognizing what the person accomplished. Tell people how what they did has made a difference to others. Create connections with the person you are recognizing and don’t let external factors distract you from the magic of a recognition experience. Authenticity comes from being true to you.

Prepare yourself when recognizing people.

Take time to do some advance preparation before recognizing someone. Even think out 
or write down some notes about what you will specifically thank or appreciate the individual for. Impromptu public speaking comes naturally to very few – and that’s okay. A few well thought out sentiments prepared ahead of time will take the pressure off you as the presenter and make the person and their positive actions the focal point of the moment.

Discover each person’s recognition preferences.

Find out specifically how each person wants to be recognized. Discover what they like to receive for recognition. Learn their likes and dislikes and keep a record for future recognition moments. Not everyone is comfortable with giving or receiving public recognition so make sure you ask about that. Remember, what’s important here, is to respect and be considerate of people’s feelings. When you do this the right way you will create memorable, meaningful and motivational recognition experiences.

Reward commensurate with the achievement.

Give an appropriate valued gift or reward level that fits the performance achieved. The beauty of instant rewards is that these awards are often very affordable and enables you to recognize or reward people more often. Strive to make sure you select awards that are also symbolic of the behavior you are recognizing.

Keep a pulse of how recognized people feel.

Simply ask employees whether 
they actually feel recognized and valued for their contributions. Ask them in one-on-one meetings or through online survey pulse checks. Recognition is a relationship experience and a felt phenomenon. So recognition program outputs alone do not always equate with employees feeling recognized. You have to capture the subjective and qualitative measures as well. Ask them if they feel recognized.