How To Write An Amazing Career Milestone Recognition Ecard

Each of us are unique human beings and are truly works-in-progress.

I would never expect that each person who writes and sends an anniversary or career milestone ecard, or any ecard, look exactly the same way. That would make them impersonal and insincere. 

However, the recent experience of reaching my 15th year with Engage2Excel, previously known as Rideau Inc., provided some wonderful insights to learn from with the emails or ecards that I received from leaders and peers alike. 

Let’s look at some messages sent to me and learn some practical principles when expressing recognition in writing on a long-service anniversary.


Reaching Milestones Along the Road of Life

1 mile marker at a hiking trail


You have probably seen them along the highway especially when you sit on the passenger side of the car.

Like the name implies, a milestone is typically a marker placed along a roadside at various intervals but most commonly at every mile or even indicating part of a mile (or every kilometre, depending on where you live). (more…)