What It Really Takes to Motivate a CEO

It keeps coming up. How do you motivate and recognize the CEO or senior leaders?

Today I was asked two questions about recognizing senior leaders and executives. Should you use money? And if not, what do you recommend?

The quick answer is “no” to using money as a recognition method. Monetary recognition is a misnomer. Money is strictly a reward and falls under compensation. Enough said. (more…)

Communicating with Leaders Using the “CNN Effect”

Ways to getting senior leader support for employee recognition



Exceptional senior leaders are foremost visionaries, whose mandate is to inspire other leaders to follow them to achieve specific goals. Their core responsibility is to produce results. Their bottom line is to increase business and generate a target income level, at a minimum cost and expense, to produce a healthy profit and a good return on investment for shareholders.

When educating senior leaders about the importance and power of recognition and rewards for achieving these business goals, it might be best to learn about and use what I call the “CNN Effect” to get the message across. (more…)