How To Use Technology to Enhance Recognition Giving

There is no doubt face-to-face recognition given in a meaningful and personalized way will always outshine the text-based recognition given through most online recognition programs. 

But can technology driven recognition programs actually enable daily recognition practices?

I will show you some ways how technology-based recognition programs can enhance regular recognition giving where you work. 


Humanizing Technology Behind Employee Recognition Programs

Good Morning Message on Tablet Computer Screen on Office Table.

How many of you remember the date you first used a computer mouse, or purchased your first laptop, or perhaps felt kind of “Star Trekky” when you accessed an electronic device through onscreen touch?

These technology events blur in our memories because they’ve happened so quickly and seamlessly into our lives.

In the past, technology often created boundaries between techy-minded people and those of us who were not. Today, we expect HR technology tools to be easy to use and help make our jobs and lives better. And as Jason Gots says, we actually want technology to “amplify the best of human nature.” (more…)