ROI to the Power of 3 on Employee Recognition

If you’ve been running recognition programs and initiatives for a while, you have likely encountered the inquisitive, cynical, or perhaps challenging leader who throws down the ROI gauntlet for you to “prove” recognition is contributing to the bottom line.

My recommendation is to be careful about jumping too quickly or focusing solely on the money-sided ROI. Make sure you examine both below and above the bottom line to more easily convert recognition into an investment versus an expense.

Yes, there is a lot more to ROI than meets the eye, which is why we will examine ROI to the power of three. It’s much more than being financial.

You need to look at other returns that can come from recognition. (more…)

Recognition & Rewards: Do They Really Produce Big Results?

Most leaders question the value and impact of recognition and rewards in producing desired performance results. This skeptical view of recognition often arises from poorly designed use of recognition and rewards.

Also, semantic barriers can devalue the effects of recognition and rewards. So, let’s first define recognition and rewards. (more…)

The Uniqueness of Rewards and Recognition

There is a love- hate relationship between rewards and recognition. And it’s probably a reason they are not well understood.

Too many people from the scientific arena to compensation and benefits folks use either term interchangeably, often leading people to wrongly use these powerful motivational methods. (more…)