How To Be a Leader With A Grateful Heart

When was the last time you saw the word “gratitude” in your company’s leadership development curriculum?

I know. I haven’t seen it in any either.

But having a leader who can lead with a grateful heart would be a phenomenal leadership trait for rallying recognition around.

Leadership consultants Kevin and Jackie Freiberg say, “Gratitude is a sign of wisdom and maturity, a hallmark of confident humility.”

Too often we are trying to develop leadership skills and forget about the underlying leadership traits that intrinsically drive a person to be a leader no matter what their role or whether they even have a title within the organization.

Let’s explore what it really takes to be a leader who has a grateful heart. (more…)

Do You Want to Build a Leader?

Discovering what it really takes to make a leader in today’s workplace

Funny snowmen against Swiss Alps

With humble apologies in advance for drawing on that memorable song title from the movie soundtrack, Frozen, but “do you want to build a leader?” At the same time it begs an answer to the question on how do you really build leaders in today’s global workplace? (more…)