How Different Types of Analytics Tell a Different Recognition Program Story

Analytics is the science of logical analysis. 

Analytics with employee recognition programs use recognition program output metrics, or usage data, and apply mathematical equations, statistical analysis, and computer software to paint a picture of what is going on.

However, different levels of analysis produce a different image and insights. The deeper you go with analytics, the more understanding you gain and the better action you can take. 

Consider the following observations. 


Top 10 Scientific Principles to Apply to Rewards and Recognition

There is always lots to learn from science as well as the art of recognition giving

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Social science and behavioral economics provide a wealth of insights on motivation, recognition and rewards. Without getting too academic and scientific it is helpful to know some of the theoretical principles that have been discovered so we can use rewards and recognition more effectively. Learn these top 10 scientific principles well and put them into play with your recognition and reward practices and programs. (more…)