Solve Recognition Program Problems With Positive Action

If there is one thing I know from over 20+ years in the field of employee recognition, and that is that recognition programs always come equipped with their own set of problems.

You can guarantee whenever you introduce and implement an online recognition program that some challenges and issues will arise.

Hopefully, you will have others helping you administer your programs. However, even if you are the maverick, “Indiana Jones” of recognition programs, working solo on solving your challenges, the following suggestions should still help you. (more…)

Top 10 Ways to Get Senior Leader Buy-In for Recognition

Getting your CEO’s or your senior leader’s buy-in to your recognition program proposal can still be a tough act to obtain. But the key to receiving their buy-in is to get their personal commitment first. We invited leading business CEO’s to contribute their personal recommendations for what works with them. Review and apply these Top 10 ideas to get your senior leader’s commitment. (more…)