5 Ways to Maximize the Power of Symbols With Recognition

Symbols are powerful tools that have been used as a form of human language since the beginning of time.

Today, symbols in the workplace are best represented in brand and culture.

You can apply symbols to employee recognition practices and programs as well and draw upon their amazing emotional power.

Consider these 5 ways to maximize the power of your company symbols of recognition. (more…)

Can Symbolic Awards Elevate and Motivate Performance?

Okay. Here’s a question for you.

Does giving people awards – specifically to employees – with no financial or tangible reward attached to it, increase performance levels at work?

Many leaders think such awards are purely “nice thing to do” and minimize using them in their company recognition practices. Similarly, there is very little scientific evidence to support giving a symbolic award alone would actually impact workplace performance.

I mean, can awards really elevate human performance solely on the merits of status and social recognition? (more…)