Recognition Tip #35: The fine art of personalization.

Personalizing a gift adds an extra touch of meaning to a gift item. Most people’s names can be found on pens, pencils, toothbrushes, balloons and door signs. The key is finding tokens of appreciation or gifts beyond these small items. Look for local craft displays to find vendors of artistic or creative gift items. And check out the specialized stores who only personalize unique gift items and go beyond just the common names already printed on things.


Recognition Tip #34: Never forget people’s anniversaries.

A person’s anniversary is so important because they always remember it every single year. Your job is to also remember these special days in their lives. Buy a supply of assorted cards for your employees – cover birthdays, personal and company milestone anniversaries. Strive to find the “perfect” card that is just right for each person you work with. Make it extra important to write a special and personalized note inside. This adds value and meaning with sending your card.

Recognition Tip #33: Send a chocolate bar message of Thanks.

Print up play-on-word chocolate bar wrappers of an employee’s favorite chocolate treat along with a message of appreciation. “Oh! John” (instead of “Oh! Henry” bar), “Wunder Gal” (in place of “Wunderbar”)…you get the idea. You could use sticky notes or careful rewrapping and write personalized words of praise or acknowledgment.

Recognition Tip #32: Muffin could be finer.

For a healthy alternative treat for employees, why don’t you bring in some morning muffins to share? You could also engage employees by enlisting participation from everyone. Have each person bake or bring in different kinds of muffins for added variety. Food for thought!


Recognition Tip #31: Bring in some sweet treats.

Donuts always win out but keep in mind those with health needs and bring in an alternative. Sweeten things up for special occasions, project completions, or just because.

Recognition Tip #30: Keep a gratitude journal

People who daily write in journals are more apt to reflect on the blessings in their lives. You will also remember acts of kindness from others towards you. Such mindfulness learning will help you to see the special things in others’ lives too. Strive to be more grateful for the people around you.

Recognition Tip #29: Sometimes you have to blow your own horn.

Keep an achievement log and record all your accomplishments, goals reached, new skills learned, projects completed, and challenges overcome. Others won’t do it for you. You will have your own recognition board and it will help to refer to when your performance is being reviewed.

Recognition Tip #28: Express your gratitude at the end of each day.

Take 15 minutes and write out and send a Thank You card or two to employees at the end of each day. Leave a voice mail message expressing appreciation to someone you missed talking to directly. This simple act of gratitude and giving recognition has to be a part of every single day.


Recognition Tip #27: Find inspirational recognition quotes.

Find great motivational quotes of timeless words of wisdom and write or type them up. Strategically place them where you will always see and read them. Let these quotes spur you on and act as a reminder to do better at giving deserved recognition.

Recognition Tip #26: Monitor when you’re recognizing people.

I heard Dr. Terry Paulsen recommend putting five pennies or some kind of tangible tokens in your right hand pocket (if you’re a leftie just switch). Your goal is to strive each day to give five compliments or acknowledgements to different people. Each time you do, remove a penny or token and place in your left hand pocket. Now you can tally at the end of the day to see how you did.